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About Us


It is a place you can call home, a place of friendship, love and peace which comes from the Father above.


Our vision is to meet people as they are and help them become what God wants them to be. We are therefore committed to inspire, train, and empower people to share in this sacred trust.


It is our hope that you would find peace as you worship with us, that you would find Him who is our all and all. May you have a rich worship experience; God bless you.

Our History

Pastor Dr. Kwabina Donkor
Senior Pastor: 1993-2003

Pastor Damson Oppong
Youth Pastor: 2001-2003
Senior Pastor: 2003-2014

Pastor Kwame Brobbey
Senior Pastor: 2014-Present

The Toronto Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist church history is classified into four stages. The Formative stage (1988-1991), the Organizational stage(1992-1993), the Building stage(1995-2001), and the second church Planting stage(2001-present).

The Formative Stage (1988-1991)

In the late 80s and early 90s, there were many Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist that were scattered in various Adventist churches in the Metropolitan Toronto area. It was during this time that a few visionary men and women flirted with the idea of a Ghanaian Adventist church in Toronto. However, the vision was impacted greatly when one of the original members passed away on January 12, 1990. Also, a lot of the members who did not have the proper documents to live in Canada migrated to the USA. However, in the summer of 1988, Dr. Pual Yeboah’s visit with the members rejuvenated the vision. The group grew increasingly stronger with continuous visits and guidance from various Ghanaian Adventist members at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. With the death of one of the original members on their minds, the group continued to strive and pushed for an establishment of a Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist church in Toronto. The mission was to establish this fellowship where not just Ghanaians but all others can share and meet the social and spiritual hunger of all nations. The motivation and the hard work of the members became patent when in August of 1991; they hosted successfully the first ever North American Ghanaian Adventist Camp-meeting. The group that consisted of 65 members was formally organized as a company in September 5, 1992. They met weekly at the basement of Pastor Vassel Kerr. It is also worth mentioning that following Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians helped transitioned the group from fellowship to a Company; Dr. Paul Yeboah, Pastors Owusu Antwi, Samuel K. Pipim, Emmanuel Osei, Ledford Morris, Haskell Edwards, Samuel Mckenzie, Derek Nichols, Arthur Zaft, Winston Hurlock, Joseph Bulgin, Eric Jurianz, and Vassel Kerr, as well as the elders and the members of the Kingsview SDA Church during this time. The dedication and the seftles efforts of Asamoah Frimpong, Kwame Sarpong, Dan Oteng, Isaac Boakye-Yiadom, and George Afram should be noted.

The Organizational Stage (1992-1993)

The organizational stage of the Ghanaian SDA Church took on a mission when the Ontario Conference formally recognized the Fellowship into a Company in September 192. The church conducted regular and structured worship services, quarterly and all night prayer vigils, small groups to facilitate Bible and pastoral care, social interaction among members, and the purchase of a translation machine that helped ensured the full participation of worshippers who could not understand the Twi language. The Company enjoyed a 94% growth as a result of their efforts during this stage with membership rising from 65 to 126. The group then moved to Runnymede United Church to accommodate the growing membership, assuming full responsibility of running the church. The group then relocated to Crawford Adventist Academy worshiping in the gymnasium in the 1993 during which Pastor Kwabena Donkor was appointed as the Church pastor. Again, the relentless efforts of the following individuals should be noted during this stage: Elder M.A Bediako, Pastor Rich Bacchus and Vassel Kerr, Dr. Paul Yeboah, entire Ghanaian individuals studying as Pastors at Andrews University.

The Building Stage (1995-2001)

The building stage of the church history took on a whole new meaning when the group began searching for a physical structure that they could call their own. The members felt the need to own a place they could call home after numerous locations of worship and the rapid growth of membership. So the search for a an industrial warehouse with the Malton SDA Church that was also under the direction of Pastor Kwabena Donkor. During this time, a new campaign called “Miracle at Atwell” began. However, the members were under pressure to raise a quota to meet the Ontario Conference’s policy on assisting churches to acquire a place of worship. So you can imagine the excitement on the faces of the members as well as the Conference when the group raised roughly $130, 000 in a matter of months thus reflecting the theme, miracle. So the architectural drawings, heating, plumbing, electrical works, drywall partitions, ceramic and carpet flooring, ceiling, and furniture just to name a few began. A $450, 000 dollars in renovation cost was required to be finance by a group that had zero seed money for the job. As faith would have it, members dedicated time, efforts, and trades skills to make the once industrial warehouse into a place of worship with the exception of heating/plumbing and electrical works. During this time, the pastors with the members worked well each day doing all kinds of jobs in and around the building ranging from concrete walls, taped and plastered, tiled, painting, and refurnishing of old furniture (including pews) “It was a joy watching a group of believers working together to find a suitable place to worship Christ the King” said one member. Through the member’s effort, $200, 000 dollars was saved in renovation cost. Meanwhle the membership grew rapidly with the arrival of many family members from Ghana. The group also solicited the help of Mr. Osei Kwadwo, an accomplished tradesman at home in several trades, and Mr. Kofi Anning, a hardworking and competent mason in the Ghanaian community; both non-church members. Once more, the efforts of some members are worth noting; Amoah Dacosta, Robert Afirim, Mfum Boateng, Kennedy Asarfo Adjei, George Afram, Glen Hudson, and Benard Acheampong. Through it all, the members continued to give and given they did for its dedication in November 16, 2002 as a mortgage free building. An active growth of children and young adult membership led to the establishment of the “Fa Nyame” Pathfinder Club that had its first Induction Service in March 2000 under the leadership of Daniel Nyantakyi. Also, a formal request for a youth pastor was made to the Ontario Conference and in July 2001, Pastor Anim Oppong Damson was appointed as the First Youth Pastor of the Toronto Ghanaian SDA Church holding a biweekly Youth Service. The church continued to grow as members were blessed with babies and others brought their families over from Ghana to Canada.

The Second Church Planting Stage (2001-present)

The rapid growth of adult membership reaching 229 as a result of God’s grace and the Church’s effort through evangelistic meetings and visitations made it necessary for the second church planting stage in 2001. So on January 5, 2002, 45 adults and young adults members were chosen to establish a branch of the Toronto Ghanaian SDA Church in the Jane and Finch location; an area highly populated with Ghanaian immigrants. So it was with great success when on October 11, 2003, 85 members of the Toronto Ghanaian SDA Church were formally organized and recognized as a Church by the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

285 Attwell Dr. Toronto, ON M9W 6H7